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December 26, 2007

Christmas Celebrations and the day after

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Christmas was fun. I spent the day just relaxing and at night I drove to Gurguan. Tarini had thrown a “small” get together at her place just for good friends and had invited me to attend. The drive to Gurguan was ok, even though I had to drop mom off at the mechanics I got there in 45 mins. Then it took me more than an hour to get to her place from there. The traffic was insane. It took me almost 45 mins to drive a 1 km stretch of road.

But when I finally got there it was fun. We had a bonfire on the roof along with a barbecue. A lot of people came and this was the first bonfire I attended where someone actually played the guitar. It was nice. Tarini cooked a bit. The food was surprisingly edible 😉

Got done at about 1 am, then crashed at Kangan and Gaurang’s place (Gaurang was also at the party) for the night. The next day we got up at about 10am, had breakfast and chatted with Kangan’s mom till about 12. Then drove to Gopinath market to select pics for Kangan and Gaurang’s wedding album. That took us till 4 pm. Then dropped off Kangan at work and me and Gaurang headed back to my place (with a stopover at Nehru place).

Over all a fun day/evening/day.

– Suramya

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