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September 27, 2007

Google Earth ‘Forces US Navy to Fix Swastika Buildings’

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The US Navy apparently has too much money because it can now afford to spend money on rebuilding perfectly good buildings that happen to look like a swastika from air.

Few symbols are as well known in the world today as the swastika and while it is common perception that the swastika is a German Nazi Party symbol, it is in fact far older that the Nazi Party. The Swastika dates over 3000 years which makes it older than the ancient Egyptian symbol for life, the Ankh and the Christian Cross. The most ancient Swastikas have been discovered in Susa in Persia, Mohenjodaro and Harappa in Pakistan and Sammarra in Mesopotamia. It was also used frequently by the Greek and the ancient Indian’s. Infact the German’s actually modified the Swastik before using it.

In Hinduism (especially in AryaSamaj, which is the branch that I somewhat follow) the swastika is one of the most holy symbols after the Om symbol and is used everywhere, in Temples, Houses (My house has a couple), weddings.

Just because the Nazi’s used it doesn’t mean it should be banned. If thats the case then we should also ban the cross as its used by Neo Nazi’s, White Supremacists and Skin heads (Some info here); the celtic Cross (Also used by White Supremacists). In fact every major religious symbol has been used by hate groups. So why aren’t the rest banned? They should be if the follow the same logic that we use to ban the Swastika.

Yes, they should ban it where its being used to spread neo-nazi propaganda but stuff like this doesn’t make sense. There are better ways to spend money.

Source: The Raw Feed: Google Earth Forces Navy to Fix Swastika Buildings

– Suramya

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  1. Here is other “Swastikas” on Google Earth

    Comment by GeoTrotter — November 2, 2007 @ 6:22 AM

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