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July 4, 2007

General updates on life

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These past few days I have been going on early morning walks with my mom. Its a nice time to take a walk as long I don’t have to wake up at that time. Earlier we used to do Yoga but I prefer to walk/jog. The reason we switched is because of the heat; as past few weeks have been pretty hot. However now that the monsoon is finally here the temperatures have gone down a lot which I love.

Today it started raining just as we were getting home from our walk. Another few mins and we both would have been drenched, which I guess would have been fun. When we were kids I loved playing in the rain. Actually I still do but don’t get the time and don’t have company. We used to play soccer in the rain. Now that I think about it I feel sorry for mom, when I remember the state of our clothes after our games. We would be covered in mud. It used to get so bad that we were forbidden to enter through the front door and had to come in through the back door straight to the bathroom. God I miss those days.

Sakshi came over day before Yesterday with her parents came over for a visit and we had a really nice time catching up with each other’s lives. Have to visit her before she moves to Hongkong. Might do that today or tomorrow (Depending on whether I wake up on time or not). Her kid is cute. As long as he doesn’t cry (Crying baby’s and me don’t go together that well)

Well this is all for now. Will post more later.

Take care,

July 2, 2007

All geeks rejoice on 29th June

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All geeks rejoice on 29th June:

Geeks Rejoice

well.. maybe not all 😉

Source: Hoodydoo

– Suramya

PS: In case you haven’t figured it out by reading this blog entry; Yes I am back and I survived the weekend. So the blog will now again get updated semi-randomly based on the lunar cycle and my mood.

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