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June 4, 2007

This weekend

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This weekend sucked big time. I was hoping to use it to relax and catch up with some work, but unfortunately it didn’t go as planned.

First I had a sinusitis attack which made it hard to think much less work. Then something happened to my ear, It feels like I have cotton stuffed in it. Have put medicine in it hopefully it will work, so far it doesn’t look like it is. If not then I will have to goto a ENT (Ear Nose Throat) specialist and get it looked at. This ear is making it hard for me to work/listen to music as I can barely hear from one ear.

Then my net connection died for most of the weekend. It wasn’t fun. My UPS decided it was time to quit working so I don’t have any battery backup. If the power goes I get knocked off the net. I do have inverter but I am scared to connect my computer equipment to it because I don’t trust it (See this post for reasons).

Now my vonage line has decided to stop working. Wonder when it will start again.

Oh to top it all off I decided to backup my data (I use rsync to backup data) over the weekend so I ran the command to back up my data. Unfortunately I accidentally ran the command that synced the data from the server to the laptop instead of the other way round so I lost a couple of days of changes. Mostly on code that I was working on. Some of it was on my other laptop and some of the code I had open in editors so I managed to save a little but most of it I will have to redo. 🙁

Note to Self/advise to others: Don’t attempt to backup when you are half asleep.

Ah well. Now I am tired, sick, have to redo my code changes. Here’s to a glorious new day!

– Suramya

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