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June 20, 2007

iPhone is not going to be my phone…

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I am getting pretty tired of the hype that is surrounding the iPhone. Every website I check there are atleast 2 articles/news on it about the iPhone and a lot of people I know are eagerly waiting for it. I am not.

I am a person who usually goes for the latest software and products. e.g. I am typing this entry using Gran Paradiso (Firefox 3 Alpha 5) and when I bought my phone it was one of the latest in the market. But I don’t fall in for the hype. If a product has too much hype surrounding it and if it becomes a status symbol to own it then I am more likely than not to not buy it/get it. e.g. gMail accounts were the big things 2(?) years ago but since it was considered so much of a status symbol and considering the fact that I didn’t need another email account I never bothered getting one till almost an year ago when I had to get it to start using Orkut.

So why am I not getting the iPhone? Many reasons… First, I don’t like the way it looks. It looks ugly. Everyone is jumping around claiming that the interface is revolutionary but none of them have actually used it (Well, neither have I but..). Once they do they will come to the same conclusion that I have. Its clunky. Yes its shiny and new. But thats not a reason for which I would buy a $600 phone.

Second, it doesn’t allow you to install other apps. I love adding new software to my phone. That way I can enhance it by adding features that it doesn’t support by default. I might not, but that that doesn’t excuse them making the phone so that I can not. (Yes I know that they are making Safari a platform for development on iPhone)

The battery like sucks. It only gives you abut 6 hours of talk time/net access.

My Nokia 6270 gives me most of the features for 1/2 the price and the new N series from Nokia does pretty much everything that iPhone does for a lot cheaper.

Ah well, hopefully this craze will pass soon. I am sure that the iPhone is going to sell a lot initially thanks to the ohh shiny crowd, the apple fans and the gotta have the latest status symbol crowd. But in the long run I don’t think its a worthwhile investment. I would rather spend my money somewhere else like a new laptop. or maybe a new mp3 player.

– Suramya

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