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June 6, 2007

Got a new cell number

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As some of you know I have been having issues with my old cell provider (BSNL). Basically I would never get any phone signal at home and at times even when I got signal it would not allow calls to come through. As you can probably guess that sucked a lot. The funny part was that I was getting a full signal at DhanaChuli which is in the middle of nowhere but at home I barely get a single bar. That too if I was lucky.

So today I finally got an Airtel SIM card and now I am getting a full signal no matter where I go in the house. Obviously that means that my cell # changed. So I will be sending out an SMS and email to all my friends/family to give them the new number.

If you need my cell # email me and I will mail it to you. Or you can check my profile on Orkut if you are in my friends list ’cause there is no way I am posting it over here.

Well this is all for now. Here’s to a better connected me 🙂

– Suramya

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