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May 15, 2007

Random thoughts

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This post has some random thoughts that I have been thinking about so is a bit less organized than my usual posts.

Well… This past week wasn’t a lot of fun, spent the last three days coding/debugging for more than 18 hrs a day. Not fun. The worse part was that my cousin was over for all three days and I couldn’t spend time with him because I was working. But the feeling that I got once I got the stupid thing fixed was unbelievable. Made it worth the time spent. Then I spent most of Sat and Sunday sleeping to recover from the work.

It was bad enough that I find another Suramya posting comments on my friends blog (Meghna’s), She had to turn out to be a girl. Now everyone is confused so as to which Suramya said what. Though it would be interesting to get to meet her, just to be able to say “Hi, Suramya, I am Suramya”.

Then I was reading Surabhi’s blog and there I read a comment where another friend of Surabhi decided to start calling her ‘Sur’. Thats even more annoying. Had to spend a month in college where both of us were being called Sur by friends. I finally managed to convince everyone that I had been known as Sur for a longer time than her (Since 1996) so she couldn’t start poaching on my nick name. Now I dread that I have to do the same again. Ah well.. It would have been worse if I had met the friend but since I haven’t I guess I can ignore it(I think).

Yeah Yeah. I know. Its childish. But its 3 am. I am tired. That annoyed me. So there.

Oh I have a bird nest in my bathroom’s window. There were three eggs in it and one of them hatched. The other two should be hatching shortly. Will take pics tomorrow.

Been doing Yoga at 5 am for the past week. Its pretty relaxing. But I know I would never get up at that time so I go do Yoga and then comeback and goto sleep. Started running also, but that part is not so much fun. My legs hurt but I think I am getting better.

Well this is all for now. Will post more later.

– Suramya

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