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April 18, 2007

Blog now showing correctly in IE

Filed under: Website Updates — Suramya @ 1:34 PM

Yesterday Surabhi told me that for some reason my blog was not working in IE. Most attempts to visit the site using IE resulted in a 404/Page cannot be displayed error.

The problem was caused by a buggy plugin. Specifically the StatTraq 1.0a beta plugin. As soon as I disabled the plugin the site started showing up correctly in IE.

I really liked that plugin as it gave me some good stats about the blog. I guess I will have to either find an updated version of the plugin or find another plugin that does the same. Do any of you know/use a plugin that will give me the following stats: Number of visitors, pages visited(with popularity), Referees, Search terms used to find the site? If so let me know.

Well this is all for now. Will post more later.

– Suramya


  1. Well, I use and it works great.
    Also, try some more such as which lets you get actual overlay data, showing what areas of the screen were clicked most (heat maps … check their site, pretty cool)
    And is great for checking your long-tail keywords.

    I use all three of the above.

    (c’mon, just check my index source, end)

    Also, I would leave the StatTraq plugin in place, and put in code to not activate it if browder detected = IE

    Comment by Vinit — April 19, 2007 @ 11:35 PM

  2. hmm. I will check it out but in the past I have had some bad experiences with external sites hosting/maintaining data for my site. I used to use an external guestbook service but that site disappeared with all my comments. Moved to another site that kept going down. Finally had to code my own version.

    For stats I had tried using Google Analytics but that didn’t work out too well. Lets see maybe this time I will get lucky.

    Thanks for the input.

    – Suramya

    Comment by Suramya — April 20, 2007 @ 7:00 AM

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