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December 8, 2006

Indian call centres in VoIP clampdown

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This is sad. 🙁

Foreign IP Telephony firms such as Skype and Yahoo! will not be able to sell their services to Indian businesses under a proposed government clampdown

Source: Indian call centres in VoIP clampdown

– Suramya

Allowing users to unlock cellphones supports terrorism.

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Yes, you read that correctly. Atleast thats what TracFone is arguing in court right now. Are they really that stupid? I mean come on, some people have used terrorism to scare people into giving up a lot of things but this one takes the cake.

Pre-paid cell phone company TracFone is arguing in court that allowing people to unlock their cell phones and use them with competing carriers will support terrorism.

This is getting beyond ridiculous. They should be fined for making such a stupid claim and wasting people’s time. There are a lot of reasons why people might want to unlock their phone and none of them support terrorism. Here are a couple:

* I want to use my phone in another country, I will have to unlock it before I can use it. (Yes had to get this done multiple times)

* Want to switch carriers. Oh you mean I should stick with a crappy service and pay more than I should if I want to use the phone I bought and like?

I am sure there are more but its late and I can’t think of any right now… Feel free to add any you might think of.

Source: 27B Stroke 6
How the exception was won

– Suramya

Send greetings using Google maps

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This is a really cool implementation of Google maps. Since a lot of buildings in the world look like letters it is possible to create a message using these buildings. So Jesse Vig went ahead and created Its a cool implementation and I love it.

Check out this message I created as a test and then try it yourself

Thanks to for the link.

– Suramya

December 7, 2006

Proof that you really can find anything on eBay

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Ok, now I know you can buy anything on eBay.

Earlier I spoke about paying a company so that ‘cool’/pretty people leave messages on your myspace page so that you look more popular than you are. Then Michelle pointed out that you can pay another company that calls you on your cell so that you sound more popular than you are.

Now I just found this auction on eBay where this girl is promising to be the winner’s MySpace girlfriend for a month.

Do people really care so much about looking cool/popular? Are they really that shallow?

– Suramya

December 5, 2006

Congress raises broadcast flag for audio

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Anyone care to explain what exactly this is supposed to do other than annoy fans?

Congress raises broadcast flag for audio

– Suramya

December 4, 2006

Fake Your Space. a.k.a. Desperate to look cool and popular

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How desperate are people to look cool and popular on social networking sites? A lot it seems… Check out this site called: Fake Your Space

From the site:

Welcome to Fake Your Space. You have found a new and exciting service which offers help to all the men and women out there who don’t feel like they are popular enough on social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook. If you are tired of seeing everyone else with the hottest friends and want some hotties of your own, then this is the place for you.

You can pick the hottest looking friends to leave you messages. We have a wide selection of men and women of all ethnic backgrounds.

So for $0.99 a month you can have your profile populated with a lot of hot looking men/women.

Whats next? A fake calender that shows you going out on a date with a hot girl (With links to fake photos) when you actually spent the evening watching re-runs on TV?

God, some people are so unbelievable..

– Suramya

December 3, 2006

My Birthday celebrations

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As some of you already know my birthday was on the 3rd of Dec and this time I had a lot of fun celebrating it. Since Aarti’s birthday is on the 2nd we decided to have a joint party on the 2nd evening so that we could celebrate her birthday on the 2nd and the celebrate my birthday at midnight.

We (Reema, Pranav, Sarang and me) arrived there at Aarti’s place at about 8:15 pm and we were one of the first to arrive, we were soon followed by Amit and Anu, so they decided to pass the time by playing Uno (I was busy eating…as I was starving). Then we remembered that Amit and Anu had gotten cake so Aarti cut it. It was a really good cake (I think it was called the banana split cake or something like that…) Below is a pic of Aarti cutting the cake:

Aarti cutting her birthday cake

After the rest of the group joined us slowly we started the party with food, followed with shots:

Pretty ladies enjoying their food/drinks

Taking Shots


then dancing. (A lot of dancing… We started at about 9 pm and went on till almost 3 am or maybe a bit later… not to clear on that part) Below are some photos taken at that time.

Photo of everyone dancing

Group photo

At 12 am both me and Aarti cut another cake this time to celebrate my birthday. The cake cutting was followed by a lot more dancing, singing and basically us enjoying ourselves.

Aarti and me Cutting the Cake

Group photo taken at the party

Once most of us got tired we decided to leave and got home at around 4:30 am or so at which time we all went to sleep. Got up at 11 am and got ready as we had planned to go for lunch in the city. Because everyone had a late night we decided to postpone the lunch till 2 pm, but by the time we got seated and everyone ordered it was already 3 pm. We went to this mexican restaurant called La Palapa located in the east village. We were seated in this heated room with a glass ceiling. The food was awesome and the service was great.

Group photo taken at La Palapa

After lunch we went to this desert place but since all of us had already eaten so much only Vinit and Surabhi ordered anything (They both got hot chocolate). Then we came home where we relaxed and watched a bit of TV (Saw the first two episodes of Sliders).

As usual I took a lot of photos (143 on my camera, plus photos on Aarti’s and Madhur’s camera’s) and will be sharing them soon. Actually Aatri posted the photos from her camera online, you can check them out over here

This birthday was a lot of fun so a big thank you to all my friends who showed up and even bigger thanks to everyone who called/emailed/messaged me to wish me.

Well this is all for now. Will post more later.

– Suramya

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