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December 9, 2006

Satnav causes ambulance to drive 200 miles out of the way

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This demonstrates how dependent we are on computers and how much we trust them… Basically

The crew — both new to the job — meant to go 12 miles to a specialist unit in Brentford, ESSEX, from King George’s Hospital in Ilford.

But instead of a 30-minute journey they ended up driving for four hours to Brentwood, MANCHESTER.
Instead of driving the eight miles from King George’s Hospital in Ilford, East London, to the mental health unit of Mascalls Park Hospital in Brentwood, Essex, the pair found themselves 200 miles off-track on the outskirts of Manchester before they realised their blunder and turned back.

The sat-nav with a mind of its own has undergone reorientation while the ambulancemen have been told to undertake a geography lesson and learn to think for themselves.

They drove for eight hours before finally delivering the patient. After the equipment sent them north, they covered 215 miles in about four hours. The way back was only slightly shorter and took more than 3½ hours.

In the old days they would have called and asked the dispatcher or someone for directions but the computer is always right correct? so they trusted it and ended up 200 miles off course.

Source: The Sun Online – News: Satnav ambulance 200 miles out

Thanks to: The Risks Digest for the link.

– Suramya

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