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November 16, 2006

Jangl – Call someone without without exchanging numbers

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Here’s an interesting concept, using jangl you can call someone using a regular phone without having their actual phone number and they can call you back without having your actual number.

The way it works is that you goto the website and sign up for a Jangl ID and you give them your phone number. Once you finish the registration you can give your ID to any one you are interested in calling.
Once they have your ID they will have to visit the site and create an account by giving their phone number. Once they do that they will get a unique 10 digit phone number that either one of us can call to get connected to the other person.

I tired it using my cell phone and black berry and it worked pretty nicely. One of the useful features is that it forces the called to identify themselves with a brief message and that message is played to the other party and they can choose to accept or reject the call.

I think it will be of good use in the bar scene or using to communicate with people when using online dating services ( uses this service).

The only down side is that you have to use a website to register and get a number. They should allow users to register using SMS etc. That would make it a lot more popular/easy to use.

Check it out.

– Suramya

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