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April 24, 2006

So what have I been upto?

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So what have I been upto for the past two weeks since my last post? A lot as it turns out and I would have posted about it sooner but I was having trouble with my net connection (I would get disconnected every 5 mins from the net). I lost all net access on the last monday and didn’t get access back till the next day. Then I had a ‘choppy’ net connection: Meaning I was only able to stay online for 5 – 10 mins before getting disconnected. It made working remotely very interesting to say the least. On Saturday I went to the BSNL office and asked one of the people from there (Mr Gulbir) to help me get the connection working. Everything looked ok from their side so the guy actually come home with me to test the system and get it working. We managed to get it up and running for about 5 hours before it died again. Today I went to him again and took my dsl modem and laptop with me. He again spent a lot of time working on it with me and we finally got it working. Here’s to hoping that it stays this way… 🙂

To prevent this from happening I am getting a AirTel DSL line installed tomorrow and the advantage of that is that this connection has an unlimited data transfer limit. (Yes, BSNL has a 10 GB cap on the data transfer and then you pay 80 p /MB which sucks) So now I will have two DSL lines at home. Which is cool :).

I spent most of last weekend with Gaurang and Kangan. They are getting engaged next month on the 18th. It was a lot of fun, I metup with Gaurang on Saturday and we went to PVR Saket to meet Tarini and Raoul. We had lunch together, talked a lot and caught up with eachothers lives which was a lot of fun and then me and Gaurang went for a movie (Minuch) It was ok. A bit long and a bit boring, Not something which I would have choosen to watch on my own… Plus we had these three annonying females sitting behind us who were going ‘What did he say’ every few mins… And that was really annonying.

Once we were done with the movie we picked up Kangan from work (Yeah she worked on Saturday) and we had a snack/dinner at Priya complex. It was nice to catchup with friends after such a long time. Then we went over to Anuj’s place where Gaurang was crashing for his visit, since he was out of town we had the place to ourselves so we spent most of the night talking and then watched movies. The next day was also fun as all of us were feeling lazy and didn’t really do anything except talk most of the day… In Kangan’s words “Its Sunday, don’t make me use my brain”. In the evening we went to Ansal Plaza where we just hungout for most of the evening and then when it got late and they started shutting the place down we drove back and I got home. Unfortunately I still didn’t have net access so I wasted time reading the new Robin Cook I bought when we (Tarini, Gaurang Raoul and me) invaded a bookstore. Most of the next day was spent lazing around. I got net access back for a little while so I worked a little but then lost access completely so I couldn’t work.

On Tuesday me and Gaurang met for lunch and later Kangan joined us. Later we (Me and Gaurang) went to Monica’s wedding. It was nice and she looked really nice. I did take a few snaps but they are on Gaurang’s phone so hopefully he will email them to me soon.

The rest of the week was pretty uneventfull and I just relaxed at home.

Well this was a brief summary of what I did for the last couple of days… This wasn’t all I did but there is no way I am typing out everything I did. I am too lazy for that… so this is all for now.


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