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April 1, 2006

Updates on my life

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You know I just realized that some of the people who visit my blog do so to actually catch up with whats going on in my life and not to hear he post about random stuff that I found interesting. So to fix that oversite here’s a brief update on my life and what I have been upto:

* Today I attended Akhil and Navya’s engagement party. It was a really nice event. Yes they actually got engaged and it wasn’t an april fool’s joke (As I initially suspected it to be…) I guess many people probably didn’t show up because they thought that it was a joke…

* Wished my cousin happy birthday. I remember that it was a pain convincing anyone to come to her birthday party because everyone thought that it was a joke…

* The flooring is being put in the house we are constructing here in Noida, India. The white marble floor looks amazing. I did take pics and posted them online you can check them out Here

* Read my first Anita Blake novel by Laurell Hamilton. It was interesting though I found her way of writing very choppy (She uses too many short sentences) so it was a bit difficult for me to get into the flow of the novel initially. Once I got over that the novel was actually pretty interesting. However I still prefer Kim Harrison’s books on vampire hunter’s (Dead Witch Walking etc)

* One of my friend is getting married next month. I won’t name her here yet because she asked me not to so that she can break the news to every one… but considering that she is getting married in another 18 days she better hurry up and tell everyone or I will…

* A third friend is getting engaged to another friend next month. Lets see if I can attend the engagement. It would we awesome if I could…

What else… Yeah its getting pretty hot here in Delhi with a high of 35 Degree C (96 Degree F)

Well this is all for now. Will write more later.


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  1. yeah, weather sucks this way.
    It snowed for an hour or so this week.
    Fricking first week of april.

    So turn up the A/C and quit complaining about the heat warmth.

    Comment by Vinit — April 7, 2006 @ 11:41 PM

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