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September 25, 2005

This is just bad…

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This is just plain bad. A picture of a Red cross credit card issued to Katrina hurricane victim Latesha Vinette was posted to various news outlets. As soon as the pic went live fraudsters went on a shopping spree with the card, reducing the balance to 0 within minutes.

Don’t these people have any shame, any sense of a moral stature? Here’s a person who has probably lost everything she had and is being given a chance to start afresh and these idiots try to make a profit out of it.

People like these should be caught and punished, not by being sent to a nice jail where they can relax and enjoy a vacation on government funds but put in a work detail and sent to the hurricane affected area’s as a workforce to rebuild. Make them work 12 -18 hours a day. That will teach them to behave. The same should be done for the rest of the scam artists who are trying to make money off the disasters using various phishing scams etc.

There is no excuse for people trying to make money off other people when the money they steal is being pulled away for things that desprately need money.

Original Story: SHOCK! Credit Card Pic Leads to Fraud

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