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February 24, 2005

I guess its time to get a new harddrive

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I was copying stuff from one of my drives to another partition to free space on the drive when my drive suddenly disappeared from the system (none of the data on the drive was showing up when I did an ls on it). So I rebooted the computer and the drive came back. A few hours later I ran a ‘df -h’ on the drive to see how much free space I had available on my drives and got the following output:

If you look carefully you will notice that I am using -64Z out of 74GB but have 71GB free and am using 101% of the drive. The funny part was that I could still access the data on the drive. So I copied the data off the drive. The next thing I did was to create a RMA to return the drive to IBM for replacement.

– Suramya

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