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March 8, 2010

Another Hindi Book Scanned (#4)

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This is the 4th book I have scanned so far. This one is called “Bado Ke Jeevan Se Siksha” (Lessons from lives of your elders ). This is about 110 pages and has been scanned with two pages per image except for the 1st and last pages. A couple of pages are missing from the end of the book but I have scanned all the pages still available.

You can download the book from here: “Bado Ke Jeevan Se Siksha” .

In the new version of the site I am going to put all these files on the mirror. That should make it easier to track all the book releases. Will post a note here when the new site is live.

– Suramya

November 21, 2009

Another Hindi Book Scanned

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After a long hiatus I have scanned another Hindi book. This one is called “Padho Samjho Aur Karo” (Read, Understand and do it). Its a 140 Page book which was missing 2 pages that look like they were torn out.

This book has been sitting on my desk for a while now along with the scanner but somehow didn’t get scanned. Anyways its scanned now and is available for download Here.

If you have some Hindi books that you would like to scan then I would be willing to provide the hosting for the book if you scan it and send it to me.

– Suramya

PS: In case you are wondering about copyright this book was originally owned by my mom’s grandfather… So I guess its safe to assume that its out of copyright by now.

Update (19th Jan 2014): Updated the download link.

June 6, 2009

Scanning old Hindi books

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Was rearranging my book collection here when I found some really old Hindi books. These books belonged to my Mother’s Grandfather and had been lying unnoticed with my books for ages. Unfortunately some of the books have gotten damaged, probably in all the moves we did over the years when dad was in the Air Force.

As these books are pretty much irreplaceable, I have started scanning them and then restoring them. So far I have scanned two books and will be scanning the rest as and when I get time. The plan is that once I am done scanning all these books I will visit my grandparents place and get the rest of his books from there and scan them too. Some of these books are over a 100 years old.

Since I am pretty sure that the books are no longer under copyright I am going to post them here on the site. Feel free to distribute the books as long as you don’t charge for it. Plus would be nice if you could mention where you got them from.

The books are scanned as .jpg images with two pages per image. As I said the books were in bad condition (I am sad that I didn’t notice this earlier) and some of them have pages missing so I have scanned whatever pages were remaining and restored the books and put proper covers etc on them to prevent further damage.

The first two books I scanned are available for download here:

  • Sachee Aur Imandaar Balak (Truthful and Honest Children) Contains short stories about children who were honest and truthful.
  • Hindi Stories Unfortunately the title page of this book is missing so I don’t know the name of the book. It contains short stories in Hindi
  • Will be scanning more soon. If you have and comments/feedback please do let me know.

    [Update 12/12/2014] :

    Looks like folks are not reading the comments, so updating the post to add this note. I am not interested in promoting Piracy, if the book you want is still being published then there is no way I am going to post a copy on my site. You can and should purchase the book from the publisher. The contact details for the publisher are below (Thanks Nostalgia for sharing):

    Phone 01123523349, 01123324064

    [Update 12/12/2017] : Fixed broken links.

    – Suramya

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