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March 26, 2024

Sharpshooters bugs catapult their urine out into the world faster than expected

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Nature is awesome and we are still trying to figure out how a lot of the things common in nature work and how to artificially create the same. So far most of our efforts have been poor copies of what is there in nature.

A bug called sharpshooter has the ability to catapult their urine out into the world from a special liquid-shooter in their butts. Interestingly the water being expelled is faster than the speed at which it was launched which has implications on rocket science, fluid dynamics and many other areas.

“The sharpshooter gets all its nutrition from the thin, watery liquid inside a plant, called xylem sap, which it sucks out with this tube-shaped stylet. That sap has so little nutrition that sharpshooters need to guzzle nonstop. Taking all that liquid in presents a problem – how to move it out. The sharpshooter has evolved the perfect tool for the job: an anal stylus — or butt flicker. Here’s something incredible: Each drop of pee actually travels faster than the speed at which the butt flicker launched it. Learn about this incredible creature’s super-propulsive pee in this video!”

Source: boingboing.netSharpshooters are bugs that catapult their urine out into the world

– Suramya

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