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October 17, 2023

Best Support response times and quality I have seen is from the WordPress Activitypub team

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I have been using Open Source since I found out about it back in 1999. At present majority of the software I have running on my system is opensource with a few notable exceptions such as Microsoft Word (Libreoffice still has formatting issues) and CrossOver by Code Weavers (that allows me to run Windows software on Linux) and a few games that I don’t get to play enough. Which means that I have considerable experience with the support offered by the various opensource projects. The support ranges from RTFM, no responses to questions or detailed responses from the team/users.

Out of all the projects that I have reached out for support the most fantastic & the fastest support response has been from Matthias Pfefferle (German Site) from the wordpress-activitypub project. I have raised multiple tickets with the project and have always gotten a quick (Fastest response in 2mins!!!), detailed and helpful response to my questions. For the issues I raised, some of them required a code fix and a fix was released within days. I don’t think I have received such a fantastic response even from sites/projects where I am a paying subscriber.

Anyways, we always post about the bad experiences we have so I think that we should also take time to post about the fantastic experiences and people we interact with because there is way too much negative news out there and these small things can help bring a smile to someones face and make sure they know that their hard work is appreciated.

If you run a WordPress Blog (self-hosted) you should definitely install this plugin and federate your posts to Mastodon (and the rest of the fediverse).

– Suramya

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