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August 21, 2023

Workaround for paste not working in Whatsapp web on Firefox

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In the latest version of Firefox (116.0.3) something changed and due to this if you are using the Web version of Whatsapp you are no longer able to paste anything into the chat window. Ctrl-V, Right-Click -> Paste, nothing works. The issue exists on both Windows and Linux builds of Firefox. Did a search and found that others are facing the same issue and found a work around at Firefox doesn’t allow to paste into WhatsApp web anymore?

In order to fix follow these steps:

  • Go to about:config
  • Search for ‘dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled’ (without the quotes)
  • Set the value to false by double clicking on the entry

The change takes effect immediately. This is not a permanent fix and once Firefox fixes the issue you should revert the change.

– Suramya

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