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May 18, 2023

Lost in Translation: Movie Synopsis edition

Filed under: Humor — Suramya @ 10:52 PM

This screenshot of the synopsis for ‘Alien’ popped up in my feed earlier and I couldn’t stop laughing.

“Space ship people get up from sleeping coffin and have eat. Computer woman find strange noisings on planet and astronauts go to seeing. Astronauts find big elephant man who dead then find too many egg/

Astronaut is possess by egg demon and new egg demon is come when eat bad noodle. Seven friends and cat all try to find egg demon before ship go home but is hard working.

Who will life to escaping? Who is bad milk blood robot? Scream not working because space make deaf.”

This reminds me of “All your base are belong to us” which was another masterpiece of bad translation.

– Suramya

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