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March 8, 2023

Be Kind Buddy – A Website for translating rude messages to polite ones

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There are times when you really want to rant at a person when they are being absolutely dense, however doing so is not professional and not really recommended. There are studies that found that bosses that scream, curse or rant at their reportees / counterparts are not really liked and their attrition rate is a lot higher.

As always someone out there decided that this is a problem that can be solved by technology and created a website: that takes any text with curses/sarcasm etc and converts it to a more polite version stating the same thing. I tried it out a few times and the results do make sense but at times read like bland corporate speak.

Some of the examples I tried and the responses I got:

Prompt: You need to get your head examined and stop suggesting such stupid ideas
Response: It’s important to consider other perspectives and ideas. Perhaps we can explore some alternative solutions together.

Prompt: Why don’t you do your job and send me the documents that I requested last week you lazy ass
Response: Hello, I hope you are doing well. Can you please send me the documents that I requested last week? Thank you.

You can try using it for your communication but my recommendation would be to take the text given to get an idea of how things could be phrased better and then write your own message. This way you avoid you message sounding like an auto generated message/bland corporate non-speak message.

– Suramya

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