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June 4, 2022

Are these good reasons to cancel a wedding or to get a divorce?

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Maybe it’s just me but in the past few weeks I have been getting these news snippets in my feed that show some of the reasons for which people have called off their wedding or gotten a divorce that are quite ridiculous.

Let me be clear that there are times when you can and should get out of a marriage but these are not it. For example there is this one case where the Bride refuses to marry the Groom because they didn’t arrange a photographer for the wedding

Bride refuses to marry without a Photographer

In another case, the bride refused to marry because the groom’s hand touched her neck during the exchange of garlands… I don’t even have words for this one, what did she think he was going to do after the wedding at the Honeymoon?

Apparently “When the garland was put around the bride’s neck, she suddenly threw it away and walked out of the wedding hall. She said that the groom’s hand had touched her neck. The groom’s side felt insulted by such behaviour and called the wedding off. ” I think the groom’s side took the correct decision here because with this kind of behavior who knows what she would have created a ruckus about after the marriage.

Upset that the groom had touched her neck the bride walks out of wedding

It’s not just the ladies, this guy decided to divorce his wife because she only knew how to cook Maggie and gave him Maggie for all three meals. Yes, it can get tiring to eat Maggie for all meals but they could have worked together to learn new dishes, get a cook or just order from outside. But the guy decided to file for divorce and it was granted…

Then we have this gem where the bride got angry at the Groom for dancing too long and getting drunk at the Baarat and decided to marry someone else.

Thankfully this wasn’t the case when our friends were getting married. The first friend’s wedding we attended we danced for so long and refused to let the groom go inside that the girl’s uncle came out and asked us to let the groom in because the muhurat (auspicious time) for the wedding was about to get over.

Weddings are supposed to be fun and games but some people take it to seriously and then you have problems like these… But, all this being said if you see red flags anytime before or after marriage and need to get out then you should do so. Please don’t fall for the Indian ‘solution’ for all problems in married life which is to have kids as that makes things worse and also makes it harder to separate later on if things don’t improve.

– Suramya

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