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January 27, 2022

New MoonBounce UEFI Bootkit that can’t be removed by replacing the Hard Disk

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Viruses and malware have evolved a lot in the past 2-2.5 decades. I remember the first virus that infected my computer back in 1998, it corrupted the boot sector and the partition table to the point where I couldn’t even format the drive as it wasn’t detected by the OS. I tried booting via a floppy and running scandisk on it (this is on DOS 6.1/Windows 3.1) but it wouldn’t detect the disk, same issue with Norton Disk Doctor (NDD). Was scared to tell the parents that I had broken the new computer but after a whole night of trying various things based on conversations with friends, suggestions in books etc I managed to get NDD to detect the disk and repair the partition table. After that it was a relatively simple task to format the disk and reinstall DOS. Similarly all the other viruses I encountered could be erased by formatting the disk or replacing it.

There were a few that tried using the BIOS for storing info but not many. I did create a prank program that would throw insults at you when you typed the wrong command every 5th boot. The counter for the boot was kept in the BIOS. But this didn’t have any propagation logic in the code and had to be manually run on each machine, plus it had to be customized manually for very new BIOS type/version so wasn’t something that could spread on its own.

With the new malware/viruses that have come out in the past few decades we are seeing more advanced capabilities of propagation and persistence, but till now you could still replace the drive infected with a virus and be able to start with a clean slate. However, that has now changed with the new MoonBounce UEFI Bootkit which can’t be removed by replacing the Hard Drive as it stores itself in the SPI flaws memory that is found on the motherboard. Which means that the bootkit will remain on the device till the SPI memory is re-flashed or the whole motherboard is replaced. Which makes it very difficult and expensive to recover from the infection.

Securelist has a very detailed breakdown of the Bootkit which you should check out. The scary part is that this is not the only bootkit that uses this method, there are a few others such as ESPectre, FinSpy’s UEFI bootkit that prove that the capability is becoming more mainstream and that we should expect to see more such bootkits in the near future.

Source: Slashdot: New MoonBounce UEFI Bootkit Can’t Be Removed by Replacing the Hard Drive

– Suramya

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