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December 6, 2017

How to ensure that your friend request is never accepted

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Those of you who know me know that I don’t log on to facebook very often. At max I will check it every few months or when someone asks me to log on to check something specific (or when I have to accept an event invite which is only on FB). So its quite common for folks to send me a friend request that sits in my inbox for a few months at a time with no response.

Yesterday I was on FB to reply to all the birthday messages and I happened to check the messenger messages from people not on my friend list. That was where I found this gem. This is from a person (lets call him Mr P) who I met during a trek and he apparently sent me a friend request after the trek and since I log on so infrequently I didn’t see the request. Instead of sending me a polite reminder as some of the other folks have (both on FB and via whatsapp) he sent me the below message. When I first read this I actually seriously considered posting the screenshot here without blurring out his name but in the end decided that just because he is acting like an idiot, it doesn’t mean that I should as well.

After reading the message a few things are quite clear, there is no way I am ever adding him as a friend on any social media. But let me go ahead and answer his questions anyways. His questions are in italics while my answers are in normal font:

>i would say f off moron..
Ok, that’s a lovely way to start a conversation. I am now eager to talk to you. I mean how can I not, when I have waited so long to be properly insulted.

>who wouldn’t accepted my frient request…
Umm… I would hazard a guess and say pretty much everyone who got a message like this from you. If I was on the fence about adding you as a friend this would ensure that I don’t add you. There is a saying in hindi: Koyle ki dalali me muh kala (If you go in the coal mine you will end up with a black face) and the moral is that you are who you associate with. If you have a friend who is an ass you will come across as an ass as well in the worst case and as someone who agrees with their behavior in the best case. So if I add you as a friend I will seem to condone your behavior which is something I am def not doing.

>Are u a billioner…
Not yet, but working towards it. 🙂 why? Are you planning on asking for a loan?

>F u honey
The closest I have had someone call me honey till now is a friend who told me that I was like a grumpy bear in the morning till I woke up fully. But in anycase, thanks but no thanks. You are not my type 😉

I will no longer be interacting with him if we ever meet in person on a trek or elsewhere because he has confirmed my opinion of him as an immature idiot.

Have you received any such requests/messages when you don’t accept / respond to a friend request? If so how do you react? Other than posting this blog entry I have not replied to his message/interacted with him at all.

– Suramya

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