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August 5, 2012

Reinstall Status: 2 days later

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Most of the system is back to normal and is configured the way I like. However still having some problems with installing certain programs like Citrix. Basically it looks like the 32 bit version of the ia32-libs library is broken in Debian Unstable and they are expecting a fix any day now. However till its fixed it looks like I can’t install the Citrix client which is required for my work. Guess I will be using the Raspberry Pi to connect to office system till the fix is here.

Other than that, there is a slight issue with static when I skip ahead in a video, i.e. I get a lot of static on the soundtrack if I fastforward the currently playing music/video. Sounds like it could be a driver issue.

During this entire process I realized that running a 32 bit OS is a lot less work than a 64 bit OS esp if you are running on Debian unstable since in the unstable branch a lot of the 64 bit packages are broken at this time thanks to the above mentioned library.

I am debating if I should go back to the 32 bit version. Will decide in a couple of days after doing a bit more research on the topic. I might be getting a SSD in the near future so will have to reinstall any ways once that comes in and depending on my mood then I will choose 64bit or 32 bit. Not really eager to get an SSD when for a little bit more I can get a 2-3 TB drive but Krishna, Sid and Anil have done their level best to convince me of the advantages so thinking about it quite seriously.

Well this is all for now. Should go to sleep now since I have an early start tomorrow and today has been a long day. Will post more later.

– Suramya

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