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July 15, 2012

Got the Jelly Bean Update on my Nexus

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After waiting for a day for the update to show up on my Nexus, I forced the update to download on my Nexus. It was a fairly simple process which I had used before to get the 4.0.4 update as well. The steps are as following

  • Go to Settings -> Apps -> All
  • Click on Google Services Framework
  • Click on Clear Data
  • Click on ‘Force Stop

Once you do this you need to:

  • Goto Settings -> About Phone
  • Click on ‘Check for updates’

You might have to do this a couple of times (I had to do it 3 times) before the update shows up and downloads. The overall process took about 1/2 hour including the time required for the update to download.

Have been using it for about 2+ days so far and wanted to document my reactions/findings:

* System is now extremely fast, the screen switching is about 3-4 times faster and smoother.
* The Google bar on the top is a bit distracting. It had a black background previously, now its grey so is noticeable.
* Love the voice recognition. The system can do voice recognition without being connected to the web (tested in Airplane mode) and is about 90% accurate. Seems like its a bit more accurate when connected to the web, but don’t have any hard data for that.
* Battery life is a lot improved, my phone went about 2 days with regular usage. (I was getting about 1 day+ earlier)
* Camera gives a visual feedback when a photo is taken so people don’t take a million photos thinking it wasn’t taking photos.

Some downsides/issues etc:

* I think my Wireless connects gets disabled a min or so after the screen switches off. Haven’t verified it yet but if that is the case then it will be a major issue.
* The soft buttons feel a bit less reactive on some screens, but again its a bit subjective and haven’t verified it.

Overall I like the new update. I think Google did a good job with this update.

– Suramya

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