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March 24, 2012

Einstein Archives website starts project to get 80,000 documents online

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Seems like slowly everyone is finally figuring out that sharing information is good (except for RIAA/MPAA etc). First Royal Society journal archive was made permanently free to access then Sir Isaac Newton’s scanned notes got published online by Cambridge. Now the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has published some 2,000 digitized documents from their Albert Einstein’s archives ranging from personal correspondence to scientific papers online (on These documents are fully searchable and can be examined right down to the finest detail. They will continue adding additional documents over the course of 2012, with the ultimate goal being to get all of the 80,000+ items in the university’s archives online.

This is an amazing collection that can maybe help more people understand how one of the most brilliant men in history thought. I would love to go through the archive, but unfortunately they are mostly gibberish to me. I am sure other folks would find them most interesting and who knows, this might spark some idea in someones mind that could end up changing the world.

Source: CBC News
Thanks to Engaget for the initial story.

– Suramya

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