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May 13, 2010

Do Unto Others by Michael Z. Williamson

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Do Unto Others
by Michael Z. Williamson


The Prescot family were miners. At one time, they were contracted to develop technology for a mineral rich but uninhabitable system. Gradually, all the investors shied away. Then the Prescots broke through with the technology needed to exploit entire planets, and incidentally develop domed playgrounds for the perversely rich, including indoor ski slopes and cable cars over megavolcanos, casinos and rides. This created the economic problem of being the richest people in the universe, having more money than most governments and effectively unlimited resources.

Money is a small blessing when enemies are quite willing to spend billions for the chance at trillions. Bryan Prescot and his daughter might as well have targets painted on their backs for the thugs, kidnappers and assassins their cmpetitors would throw at them. Bodyguards were necessary’Highly trained bodyguards who could be bought once and be utterly loyal no matter the circumstances.

The altercation comes to a head inside the domes and mines of Govannon, with their enemy desperate to do anything to save their own lives, now that the gloves are off. Caron Prescot has only six bodyguards against an army, but she has two aces in the hole: The miners are on her side, and Elke, Ripple Creek’s psychotic demolition expert, has a nuke.

The problem with Elke having a nuke is that Elke WILL use it.

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Review:The book has not been publicly released as of the time of this review and this is based on the ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) released by Baen Publishing.

As is the case with all ARC’s the manuscript had a lot of minor issues and notes from the author like **Cook Name** etc. But none of that detracted from the plot and it remained a fun read throughout.

The plot was quite basic with a bunch of high level bodyguards trying to save their principal (The person they were guarding) from being killed. But the skill of the author showed in the way he told the story and made it interesting enough that at no point did it feel that we were just watching a group of men/women hide and/or kill people.

The characters were well written and though some parts of the story came out as slightly unpolished I think that was because I was reading an ARC instead of the final release and I am quite hopeful that the final version will have all these minor rough edges polished out.

Final Recommendation: A good read

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