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March 8, 2010

Another Hindi Book Scanned (#4)

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This is the 4th book I have scanned so far. This one is called “Bado Ke Jeevan Se Siksha” (Lessons from lives of your elders ). This is about 110 pages and has been scanned with two pages per image except for the 1st and last pages. A couple of pages are missing from the end of the book but I have scanned all the pages still available.

You can download the book from here: “Bado Ke Jeevan Se Siksha” .

In the new version of the site I am going to put all these files on the mirror. That should make it easier to track all the book releases. Will post a note here when the new site is live.

– Suramya

March 7, 2010

Common Misconceptions About Publishing: Thoughts on a writeup by Charles Stross

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I have talked about books and publishing industry before but since I am not an author I can’t give you first hand views on how the publishing industry works. Luckily others can. Charles Stross is an author who I really like and he is doing a series of posts on his blog about Common Misconceptions About Publishing (CMAP). He has made 4 posts so far and each gives a fascinating view of the industry from an author’s perspective.

Check them out here:

Out of all the posts listed above I like #2 and #3 the best. #2 explains how a book gets from a concept in an author’s mind to a finished product in the market. I think its a great read for anyone interested in publishing and how it works. #3 explains what authors sell to publishers and what a standard contract consists of, again quite interesting how the entire thing breaks down and how the remuneration works.

I don’t write fiction, but if I did I would find these posts quite informative on how the entire process works and knowing that gives a person advantage when they try to sell their manuscript to a publisher. So if you write or are planning to, do check out the posts above.

– Suramya

March 3, 2010

Mom’s new car (Chevrolet Beat) has arrived in one piece

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After 3 years of wait and constant nagging from my part mom’s new car has finally arrived. This car was supposed to be bought the same time as the Honda City three years ago. Basically the Honda was my gift to Dad and this my gift to Mom. Anyways after all the delays we have finally purchased a Chevrolet Beat LT and I drove it home from the showroom a few mins ago.

I had just about given up that this car would ever be purchased because everytime we would start deciding on a model a new model was announced and we just kept postponing the buy waiting for the next one. We Went from Zen Estillo to Spark to Honda Jazz to a couple of others.

Here are some pics to give you an idea of what the car looks like:

Our new Chevrolet Beat parked in our Driveway

Dad, Mom and Me with the car

View of the car’s Dashboard.

One thing I can say after driving the car… Its a smooth drive, the steering is very sensitive and the engine is quite powerful so the car will be fun to drive once I get used to the controls. 🙂

Well this is all for now. Will post more later.

– Suramya

How J. J. Abrams’ Star Trek should have ended

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The crew at How It Should Have Ended is quite well known for its re-imagining’s of how famous movies should have ended. In their latest installment they tackle how the latest Star Trek by J. J. Abrams’ should have ended

Check it out. BTW, keep in mind that the video is NSFF (Not Safe For Fanboys).

– Suramya

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