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August 19, 2009

OS Irritations Part 2

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Like I said in my last post, I had reinstalled XP on my system because Surabhi and Vinit needed it for some work. After I installed it I went to visit friends over the weekend but gave them access to the PC (Just the windows partition). This was a basic install of XP with no service packs etc installed so Vinit installed Service Pack 2 on the system. Everything seemed to go fine till the system had to reboot, then we would get the boot screen and after that just a blank screen.

After I came back we tried reinstalling XP again but everytime I installed the service pack I would hit the same issue. The funny part is that this system was running Windows XP fine before I had removed the partition. So I know it supports it. In any case after 3-4 attempts we gave up and tried using it without the service pack.

So we were trying to install their software but the system would read the USB drive as a blank disk but when I plugged it in to the laptop I could see the data on it. While this was going on Vinit noticed that my bluetooth dongle was connected to the system so he suggested removing it. Sure enough as soon as I removed the dongle the system started reading the USB drive. Now I am pretty sure if I boot into windows and install the Service Pack it will probably work if I remove the bluetooth dongle.

The other annoying thing was that my Microsoft mouse was having issues in XP, it was really slow and the system had trouble reading the clicks. It got to the point that we started using the keyboard to control the mouse. The same mouse works great on the same system when we boot into XP.

In any case the task we needed XP is done so I guess I will be removing the XP installing from my system again. (That will free up 7 GB of space) I will probably install XP using Qemu incase I need it for something but for most part (99.9%) I don’t think I will need it. Although I will probably install Office 2003 using Wine. This is because for certain documents I need to use Word otherwise if I create them using OpenOffice the format looks bad in Word.

Ah well this is all for now. Will post more later.

– Suramya

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