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November 18, 2008

My Week/Weekend

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This week was interesting. Had a couple of deliveries at work (software. Not pregnancy related) so had to put in some long hours. The projects I am working on are really interesting and I am having a lot of fun. For obvious reasons I won’t be talking about the specifics of the projects but they are fun 🙂

Over the weekend I watched a lot of movies. Some were good, a few I didn’t like that much. Quantum of Solace is a movie that falls into the second category. It felt like the movie had a lot of plot holes and it didn’t feel like a bond movie. The title song was really good and some of the fight scenes were decent but it wasn’t up to the usual bond movie mark esp. Casino Royale.

In addition I also saw the following:

1. Death Race: Loved the movie. Its a total switch your brain off action movie with lots of explosions/crashes and I loved it.

2. Mostly Ghostly” Its a kids movie by the Author of the Goosebumps series (R. L. Stine) about this kid who is trying to perfect a magic act and finds a piece of paper that has a catchy rhyme so he starts using it as a chant for his show. What he didn’t know was this chant was part of an actual magic incantation. He then meets the ghosts of two kids who help him wth his show in return of his help in getting rid of an evil ghoul.

3. Madagascar Escape 2 Africa: Its a good movie. A fun watch.

Other than this the week was pretty uneventful. Busy but uneventful.

– Suramya

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