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May 24, 2008

Rain Rain go away…

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The past few days it has been raining a lot over here. In-fact in the last week it had rained pretty much everyday. The rain it good but it brings assorted problems with it.

Last Tuesday night/Wednesday morning it was raining very heavily. I was at work till late and wanted to leave but because it was raining so hard, me and Shipra decided to wait for the rain to stop before we left. After almost 1 1/2 of waiting the rain stopped for a little while so we both ran out and got into our respective cars.

A minute later we found out that the left front tyre of her car was stuck in a ditch. Apparently the rain washed away a lot of the mud and the tyre sunk into the ground. Plus this hole was now filled with water so we couldn’t get any traction on the wheel. Spent almost half an hour trying to get the car out and ended up being covered in mud. (Good thing I was wearing brown pants). Finally managed to get it out on the last try. If that try hadn’t succeeded we would have left the car there and used my car to get home. Thankfully that wasn’t needed.

To top things off, Lots of power lines went down that night so there was no electricity at home and to make things even more fun there was a short in my house wiring (water got into an outlet) so the inverter also stopped working. Spent the night without power. Then in the morning when the power came back the door bell wouldn’t stop ringing. (yes, it was another stupid short). Finally figured out which fuse to trip to stop the stupid ringing. (I was half asleep and really cranky)

Its a pain to drive when its raining. Although its a lot of fun when you are sitting at home watching rain from indoors. But I guess its better than the heat.

Well this is all for now. Will post more later.

– Suramya

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