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August 22, 2007

Idiots in Delhi want to continue the Ban on female bar tenders

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Apparently men in Delhi can’t hold their liquor and thats why a group of five idiots has petitioned the Supreme Court to overrule a ruling by the Delhi High court last year in which they stuck down a ban on female bartenders in Delhi.

Their justification is “Delhi is a “rogue city”, and not mature enough to have pubs and bars with women bartenders. “. Ok… I suppose that makes sense to them. What about the few thousand women who go to these clubs and bars? Are they not at risk from this so called threat to them? I suppose the next step will be to ban women from bars and pubs..

This is what annoy’s me. A few people who have time to waste end up making life difficult for everyone else. Guess what, your way is not the only way. Other people (like me) disagree. Who are you to decide that women are not safe working as a bartender? I am sure that women who want to be a bartender have this little thing called common sense and a little ability to do something called threat assesment. If they believe the risks are worth it then who are you to stop them?

Its not like they are becoming prostitutes. The are selling drinks to someone who wants to have a few drinks the same way a guy would.

sheesh. Get a life people.

Source: Female bar ban ‘should carry on’ (BBC)
Source: Times of India

– Suramya

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