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July 16, 2007

Amazing stories

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I have been watching this TV series from 1985 called “Amazing Stories” and I love it. This great series was created and directed by Steven Spielberg and I must say that it shows in the stories.

Each episode is only 25 mins long and they cover completely unique stories. For example the first episode is called the “Ghost Train” and is about a train which derailed 60 years ago and one of its passengers who was waiting to get on it survived. The train appears every year at the time it had crashed waiting for its missing passenger.

My favorite so far is the episode called “Mummy, Daddy” in which an actor who is playing the role of an Egyptian mummy in the swamp gets a call letting him know that his wife went into early labor so he rushes off in his mummy costume without taking it off. Now the locals think he is a real mummy so try to kill him. Pretty funny story.

I have watched 4 episodes out of 24 from the first season so far and I love it. Most of the stories are funny though some people might find a couple of them scary.

If you get a chance to watch this then do so. You wont regret it.

Well this is all for now. Will post more later.

– Suramya

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