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March 8, 2007

Scribd: YouTube for documents

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Found this really interesting site called Scribd that lets you upload documents and share them with all visitors of the site. Sort of like what YouTube lets you do with video’s.

There are some pretty funny documents that people have uploaded, e.g. Scribd – A Guide to Grading Exams.

Check it out when you have some time to waste.

– Suramya

March 1, 2007

Open Source Alternatives

Filed under: Computer Software,Interesting Sites,Tech Related — Suramya @ 11:09 PM

Using open source doesn’t mean that you have to run Linux. Its just that Linux has sort of become the flagship of the Open Source Software (OSS) and whenever a person talks about OSS the general perception is that you need linux to enjoy/use OSS. But thankfully this is not true. Even on my Windows system most of the applications I use are open source. e.g. OpenOffice for word processing, Firefox for browsing, GIMP for image manipulation etc.

Now a major problem which newcomers have is that its difficult to figure out what Open Source alternatives are available for a given popular commercial software. The Open Source Alternative website attempts to solve this issue by giving a listing of the various OSS alternatives available for a given proprietary program.

Check it out, you might find some software that replaces the current program you use thus saving you a lot of money.

– Suramya

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