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January 25, 2007

Surabhi’s married!!

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My little sister got married on the 23rd. Still haven’t gotten used to it. Going to her reception in another 3 hours. So will be busy there…

Took lots of pics. Actually I didn’t take a lot of pics, my cousin Axu, Ashosk Bhaiya and Ganesh Phufaji took most of the pics cause I was busy with stuff most of the time. Reema, Jessica, Paula, Sophia and Renny also took a lot of pics. Just to give you an idea of the amount of pics, we have over 850 pics just from Paula and Reema’s camera’s. This is seperate from the 4 GB of video files I have sitting on the system.

So once I get back from the reception I will sort through the pics and will post the best online.

Once all the crazyness passes i will resume blogging on a semi regular basis.

– Suramya

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