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August 29, 2006

Side by side or miles apart, dear friends are always close to the heart

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Don’t remember who exactly said this but its true. Friends are always close to a persons heart no matter how far apart you might be at the time. These past few weekends have been really awesome because I got the chance to meet some old friends some of whom I didn’t meet for over 8 years.

On the 19th we had a get together at Yash’s place for AFBBS (Air Force Bal Bharati School) 12C 1998 batch. This get together was planned at the last meet we had where seven of us met at TGIF for lunch. This time 12 of us showed up (Plus +1 for Nora) which was a big achievement as it was the biggest get-together for our batch ever. We spent the whole time talking, catching up with each other’s lives and generally having fun. We were up talking till I think about 1:30 am thats when every one left as they had to drive back home…

The pics from that party are at:, I will be putting them up in the photogallery sometime soon. (No really I will)..

Since this party was so much fun and there were a couple of people who couldn’t make it to Noida we decided to have another one at Ankur’s place in GK-I on the 26th. This party was even better as a lot more people showed up: Ankur, Arundhati, Aditya, Gautam, Gaurang, Kashif, Kunal, Praveen, Samarth, Tarini, Me, Vivek and Yash along with Rahul (Tarini’s fiance) and Parul (Vivek’s fiance). So it was a lot more fun. This time we managed to convince Samarth to sing for us (Which he did and was pretty good at it), Vivek and Parul to dance for us. Once they danced all of us also decided to join in, and it was surprising that Ankur’s neighbors didn’t come knocking asking us to turn the music down.

The pics from this party are at:

Apart from school friends I have also gotten in touch with friends I had in 8th standard (~1994) and hadn’t seen/spoken to since. Ricki and Saurabh are two such people I have gotten in touch with on Orkut after having no interaction at all with them since 1994. Thats over 12 years!

Lets see if we can meet up some time…

Well this is all for now. Will post more later.

– Suramya

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