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July 7, 2006

Cross-cultural dispatches from the gender wars

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Found this interesting article on The Register about Cross-cultural dispatches from the gender wars

Below are some that I really liked:

1. Among the Native American Navajo, cultural tradition assigns gender to the rain. Male rain is the brief, drenching, thunderous storms of late summer. Female rain is the long, soft, dampening drizzle of winter. It is further believed that male rain acts as a power wash and drives off whatever bad there is. Female rain acts as a tender rinse and brings forth the colour of the grass and wild flowers of the springtime.

4. The Chamula people of Mexico practice a six-month trial marriage to see if the couple can live together successfully. What makes this arrangement different from what we so often practice is that this trial marriage is without sex.

5. In the remote northwestern desert region of China, there is an oasis town by the name of Hami. It is a customary courtesy for both married and unmarried women to offer themselves to any traveling man. It is seen as merely good manners among a people who highly value good manners in all things (by the way all you men out there, the tour bus leaves for Hami in five minutes!).

– Suramya

July 6, 2006

IP subnetting made easy

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Good tutorial on IP Subnetting. Now it makes a bit more sense to me than it used to…

Check it out: IP subnetting made easy

– Suramya

July 5, 2006

Create Visio like Diagrams in your web browser

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This is a really cool flash application that allows you to create Visio like diagrams using flash. I tried it out and found the system to be pretty responsive. It allows you to share the documents you create for collaborative editing and if you like what you have you can export it as image files (jpg, png) or as SVG files that can be imported into Visio.

I like the idea and will probably use it for personal stuff, however I don’t think I would use it if I ever had to design some sensitive/confidential system layout. I searched for a privacy policy but couldn’t find any so don’t know what level of privacy are they offering. Without a privacy policy they can do whatever they want with your data.. Not saying that they will, just that they can.

Check it out: – Diagram and draw in your web browser

Thanks to Adam Fields (weblog) for the link.

– Suramya

July 3, 2006

How to photograph Fireworks

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As some of you probably know I love taking photos but I have always had trouble capturing fireworks, they just don’t come out nicely for me 🙁

The following article’s have some awesome tips on how to photograph fireworks so now that I know the secret you can expect some nice pics of fireworks on my site in the near future 🙂

For Digital Cameras: New York Institute of Photography – Tips on Fireworks Digital Photography

For Regular Cameras: How to Photograph Fireworks


July 2, 2006

4th of July weekend

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My Sister Surabhi, Vinit and a couple of other friends are spending the 4th July weekend in California… and I spent it at home.

They went bungie jumping, I went to visit relatives.
They have to eat out, I get to eat home made food.
They are enjoying the sun, I am hiding from it (its boiling hot here).

Yes. I am a little bit jealous. 🙁

– Suramya

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