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May 8, 2006

My weekend

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Can’t think of a better headline than this. I know you are supposed to make the title interesting and attention grabbing but thats something I have always sucked at. I find it easier to write the body and the summary and let the title fend for itself…

NEways thats not what this post is about (Though I might write about that in the near future) This weekend I metup with Aditya who was my classmate in 9th and 10th at Boys High School, Allahabad. He is the one who actually got me interested in computers so he’s to blame for all the messes/catastrophies I have caused using computers 🙂

We were meeting each other after a loong time (The last time was sometime in 2001 or so) so we had a lot to catchup on. It was fun. We had coffee in Cafe Coffee Day and then walked around Sec 18 in Noida. Then we had dinner at this place who’s tag line was “Come taste some bad food” which was really interesting and great marketing as the only reason the both us decided to eat here was to try out a place that asks you to try some bad food. Don’t remember the name of the place (Aditya do you remember what the place was called?) but the food was actually good and cheap. Then we talked a bit more over a long dinner (It was too hot outside so neither of us wanted to go back out). Once we were done with dinner we went for a drive around noida which was fun.

Came back and read Battlefield Earth by L Ron Hubbard again. The book is 1000 times better than the movie based of it. Then I crashed. Woke up late on Sunday, was initially planning to go meet some more friends but the temprature outside convinced me otherwise. So I spent the day reading and watching old Stargate episodes.

Thought about writing another article but it was Sunday and didnt’ feel like using my brain…. 😉

Well this is all about my weekend… Will post more later.


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