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August 6, 2005

Just some blabbering

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This week has been interesting. It passed by way too fast. Not that I am complaining though.
Weekends are a lot more fun. I get to relax, read and generally catch up with life. This is the first weekend in while that I got to spend at home (Spent the last few meeting friends, having fun etc) so all I did all day was read books and watch old Dr Who episodes.

I think I have been working too hard lately. A few of you might know that I work in a company that creates software for phone networks and deals with call switching. My current project involves playing with phone switches and figuring out why calls failed by reading the logs generated and then fixing them. So any time a test call fails I get to read some long and boring log files…

A few days ago I was calling the 1and1 tech support line as I had a few questions for them and in the middle of the call I got disconnected and heard a SIT tone (Special Information Tone) (The one that goes something like tu-tuu-to) and my first reaction was to check the logs to see what happened and why I got disconnected. That was scary. My boss’s response when I told him about this was: “welcome to the club”, his wife on the other had said: “You need a vacation” and I agree…

Hate Javascript. Rewrote gWiFi from scratch for the 3rd time, so far it seems to be working ok. Hopefully I will release a fixed version by the end of the weekend.

Got some good feedback on IM2Email. Will be incorporating the changes suggested into the next version of IM2Email. Maybe this week or next week. Depends on how fast I can get gWifi to work.

Well this is all for now. Going back to my book…

– Suramya

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