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July 10, 2005

Got a good response to gWiFi

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This past week has been pretty cool. Its the first time that a program I have written has gotten so much publicity. A day after I launched it the site got so popular that it brought down my webserver. Since I was out all weekend with friends I didn’t find out about it till monday (4th July) at which time I restarted the server and brought everything back up. The popularity of the site hadn’t gone down so the server went down again. So I moved gWiFi to another system and its been pretty stable so far. It did go down once yesterday but that was due to a scheduled system downtime that I didn’t know about.

Got some pretty interesting reviews on gWiFi and some pretty nice emails too. Thanks for the great feedback and reviews everyone.

Next Steps:

* Fix the map so that it doesn’t crash when a lot of points are mapped (Almost done with this. Have a few more javascript bugs to take care of and then I am done)
* Import the remaining data from Yahoo Mobile to the gWiFi DB (Yes I finished the scrapper for Yahoo Mobile)
* Create a submission page for people to submit more nodes
* Maybe move the gWifi page to a new server.

Well this is all for now. Will keep everyone posted about the status of gWiFi.

– Suramya

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