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March 19, 2005

Stupidity of the Record lables…

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A few of you might have heard about Fiona apple for those who havn’t she is a pretty talented singer whose last album was released in 1999, this recording went platinum. She is also famous for calling the recording industry ‘bullshit’ at the 1997 MTV Video Music Awards.

In 2003 she recorded another album titled ‘Extraordinary Machine’ but her record label, Epic Records decided it wasn’t good enough and decided not to release it. Recently a copy of the album was leaked on the p2p networks and has become very popular. Some of the fans who liked the songs when to the music stores to purchase it but there they found out that the album hasn’t been officially released. These guys are now demanding that the album be released so that they can buy it but the studio’s are still refusing to launch it.

How stupid can these guys be? There is a big crowd out there that’s demanding the release of the album but these guys are refusing. If its too expensive to do a full fledged launch they can do a limited edition launch and make money. If they don’t release it at all they aren’t making any money anyways. The sad part is that since Fiona has a contract with Epic she can’t release the album under another label unless they release it.So she can’t make any money on her album because some management type decided that it shouldn’t be launched. Go figure…

Original Story: Wired Magazine

– Suramya

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