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March 20, 2005

Car crash in front of apartment

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I was sitting in my room reading a book when Surabhi came and told me that an accident had happened in front of the house. At first I thought that she was joking or had a bad dream (She was sleeping before this) but then I realized that it was real so I went outside to see if they needed help.

It turned out that these three drunk guys lost control of their car and hit the front of the building next to ours, spun out of control and crashed into a pole less than 3 feet from our living room window. Thankfully no one was hurt. Vinit called the cops to report the accident and 4 cop cars + an ambulance were there within 5 mins. The funny part was that the guys in the car disappeared before the cops arrived. I guess that they didn’t want to face the cops.

Vinit took pics of the accident and will prob be posting them on his Blog, so check it out at

Now its time I went to bed. So g’night.

– Suramya

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