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December 1, 2004

Cool Search Engines

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Found two really cool search engines today. Each of them caters to a specific kind of search unlike Google which is a generic search engine.
This cool website allows you to search through existing source code that solves many common development problems with our vast index of working source code from a variety of open source projects. In many cases you may find code that solves the exact problem you are working on, and in other cases, you can find an 80% solution – where existing code can be suited to your needs with minor modifications.
Singingfish is the premier audio/video search engine. Unlike traditional search engines, Singingfish only indexes multimedia formats, including Windows Media, Real, QuickTime, and mp3s.

Hope you find these as usefull as I do.

– Suramya

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  1. […] I have blogged about multimedia search engines before but all the ones I have used so far are slow/cluttered and don’t give very accurate results. Another issue was that a lot of the songs that it returned were not mp3’s instead they would be wav/ra/wmv etc. […]

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