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November 3, 2008

Feeling lazy

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Just realized that I haven’t uploaded new pics/stuff to my site since Jan. Ouch.
I blame it on lazyness and a new job. Plus having lots of good books to read 🙂

I do have a lot of pics that I want to upload but… I wish someone would go through the 7.2 GB of photos I have and update the photogallery on the site.

I also want to update the layout of the site. I think its about time I changed the theme of the site…

Lets see when I get the chance to update the site.

– Suramya

November 1, 2008

Feel cheated right now…

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Feel pretty cheated right now… In all the sci-fi and fantasy books if a person falls sick suddenly and stays down for a week then when they get better they usually end up with some sort of power like super strength, physic powers etc… So far I haven’t found any new powers after the fever…

Telekinesis : Nope. Either the pen is stuck to the desk or I don’t have telekinesis… 🙁
Mind reading : Nope. Unless no one around me thinks at all (A definite possibility given the way people
drive here)
Ability to fly : Nope. Don’t think if jumping off the bed didn’t work that I should try the roof
Super speed : Nope. Did manage to walk into the door when trying to super speed….
Magic : Nope. Unless my magic power is to sleep a lot…
Super Brains : Not sure… I mean I am smart enough already, how would I know if I got smarter :p
Invisibility : Nope. Though I am not going to try walking around naked anytime soon.

Ah well. Maybe the powers are still developing. Going to keep testing for other super powers. Will let you know if I find anything (maybe… )

– Suramya

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