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October 16, 2005

Automating Diagnostic Tests with Ant

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Interesting article that explains how to Diagnostic Tests with Ant
Excerpt from the article:

Suppose you have developed your Java application and distributed it to your users. If all goes well, the application just works on every computer. But if there’s a problem, you have to begin troubleshooting. Users will call for all sorts of installation problems, expecting you to fix them. Moreover, the same problems will often come back: the wrong version of Java, a deleted file, too-restrictive file permissions, etc. Most of these problems can be solved by creating a checklist. However, instead of wasting time asking new users the same questions on the checklist over and over, you can create a diagnostic test that goes through the checklist, providing users with the information they need to solve the problem. If users can’t solve the problem themselves, they can show you a clear checklist, so you can take a look at what’s going wrong without asking a bunch of questions first.

– Suramya

Handwriting Improvement tips

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If your handwriting is anything like mine then you should check this site out: It has some good tips on how to improve your Handwriting.

October 11, 2005

Protecting Files at Home Using Encrypted Containers

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This is an awesome article on how to create Encrypted Containers that makes it easy to create encrypted backup locations that can copied to other systems without hassle and are simple to use.

Protecting Files at Home Using Encrypted Containers

October 7, 2005

What I did in Kansas

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So how was my trip to Kansas. It was fun, yesterday there was a NASCar event going on at work so the entire project team including the manager decided to go visit. It was fun. They had some car simulators that looked fun but the wait was over 40 mins and it was freezing. So we decided t skip it then and thought we would try again later in the day when it was less crowded. Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance due to the work load (we ended up working till 8 pm) but I did manage to snag a NASCAR cap and a poster which was cool.

Today we went to an Irish pub for lunch and it was awesome. I have been wanting to go to one ever since I read about them in Mercedes Lackey’s novels and they are certainly worth visiting. The food over there was amazing and the music was awesome, I will be looking around for more of them in NY.

Right now I am at the Kansas City Airport waiting for my flight to depart. MyIt was supposed to leave at 6 Pm frm Kansas and right now its 9:10 pm (Kansas Local time) and we still havnt left (yes I am typing this on my blackberry) Its been a long day…. At the last update we are supposed to lift off at 9:20 pm but let’s see how much longer do we end up waiting….

Well, this is all for now. Its hard typing long messages on this thing… May post more later…


October 4, 2005

So what have I been upto?

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Lets see… What have I been upto this week?
Flew from California to Kansas City with a one hour stop at Denver. Overall a non-eventfull trip. Read the ‘Legend of Zoro’ novelization which was pretty good. Currently in Kansas City and will be here till Friday after which I am flying to NJ for a week. It will be good to be home after all this time. After spending a week there I will be flying back to California.

There are some pretty interesting TV shows out there right now and since I have nothing better to do I watch TV ;). Watched the premier of Supernatural today, It’s a damm good show. Will be watching it pretty regularly. Combined with Lost, Threshold and Nightstalker I have plently of shows to keep me occupied for a while.

What else…. I updated the gWifi scripts, added more locations to the site and launched the new version. Trying to design a bridge that will let me share data with another site that lists free wifi spots. Once thats done I will have a whole lots of spots to show on the map. Will try to get some of it done this week but trying to get all three of us together to work on it is a pain, lets see how that works out…

Well thats it from my side… now lets see what else is there on TV today.

– Suramya

October 2, 2005

Why linux should be transparent

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Why Linux should be transparent
Why Linux should be transparent:

Found this on the Linux Gazette, issue 119

– Suramya

October 1, 2005

One Year post

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Hi Everyone,

Well its been one year since I started blogging more or less regrularly (Usually less but…) Its been interesting posting about stuff that happening to me and things that I feel like talking about.

The funny part is that when I started I didn’t think anyone would be reading this, it was just a way for me to post stuff to remember that I didn’t want to put on my website but I guess people found it interesting and a lot of my friends do actually read the blog to see what I have been upto since we last met. Which is a good thing. Also got in touch with some friends with whom I hadn’t been in touch with for a while through the blog.

The journey has been interesting though with three server moves (If I remember correctly) and a couple of blogging software changes (That remindes me I still have to import the comments from the old blog to this one). Over all a fun thing so I think I will keep posting 🙂

Well this is all for now. Will post more later. Thanks for visiting and taking the time to read this.


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