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April 26, 2010

Launching new Section:

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As you probably know I read a lot and I have a rather eclectic selection of books I read. Over the past few years a lot of people have asked me for recommendations and reviews of books I have read. I got tired of giving individual recommendations and decided to create this section to solve that problem.

Basically the way it will work is the following: When I read a book I write down a couple a paragraphs about the book and whether I liked it or not and that gets posted to this site. BTW keep in mind that this site contains my personal views about the book. Your views might differ so its possible that you don’t like a book that I recommend.

Check out the new Section at:

Currently there are 37 reviews on the site with more being added everyday. By the way, If like reading and are interested in writing reviews for the books you read do contact me and we will work something out.

– Suramya

April 3, 2010

Made some of the new/updated sections of the site live

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After thinking about it for a couple of days I have decided to make the part of the new/updated site live (Using http Temp redirection).

At this time the following sections are live with the new content and layout:

* (The Friends list needs to be updated.)
* is updated partway so I haven’t made that section live yet.
The Site news sidebar on the new site still has to be coded, once done it will pull the latest site news from this blog.

Well this is all for now. Let me know what you think of the new layout/content.

– Suramya

February 1, 2010

Update on the Website update process

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A little while ago I posted that I was in the process of updating the actual content of the site along with the layout. The process is still going on and this is a quick status update on it. I am adding a lot new content to the site which is why its taking so long to complete.

Currently the following sections have been completed:

* Home
* About Me
* About India (all subsections)
* Hotlinks
* Misc Section

I am in the process of updating the Linux section and once that’s done the following sections will remain:

* Mirror
* Photogallery
* Scripts
* Tech Section

The Tech section will take the longest out of all the remaining because of all the sub-sections but the other sections shouldn’t take that long to update.

Will keep you posted on the status.

– Suramya

June 3, 2009

Status Update: Life, Site etc

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So what have I been upto recently? As I posted earlier I am in the process of updating the site with a new layout and new content. Portions of the site have not been updated since I initially created the site and I think its about time that this was rectified. For example the main portion of the About me section contained 8 year old information.

At present the following pages have been updated:
1. Home
2. About Me (Except the Friends section)

Currently working on the About India section. The information in this section is too short and doesn’t have that much detail so I am expanding it. Just to give you an idea of amount on new information I am adding here is an example; In the History of India section the portion the expanded section on Indus Valley Civilization is longer than the entire history page of the current site.

This is why I think the update will take a while. I am considering making the changes live as and when I am done with a section. Still haven’t decided yet. Lets see.

Other than this I am now learning Python so that I can program stuff on my phone. Have managed to write basic scripts so far. Python for Nokia is amazing. I got the phone to read an incoming SMS in a 7 line program. Working towards a program that will allow me to send commands/text to my system from my phone. Have loads of program idea’s that I want to try on the phone so this should be a lot of fun.

Well this is all for now. Will post more later.

– Suramya

May 30, 2009

Updating the site layout/content

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Its been ages since I have updated the site with new content so I have finally decided to do something about it and have started making changes to the content.

While doing this I noticed that the site layout was pretty crappy (to be honest) so decided to change the layout while I was at it. Some other changes will also be made to the site (a couple of sections will be merged, a few moved/renamed) so the site should look and work better.

You can check the work in progress at: Do take a look and tell me what you think about the design etc. Currently in addition to the Home page, the About Me section has been partially updated. More updates will follow shortly.

– Suramya

October 30, 2007

Posted the Rafting pics in the Photogallery

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Posted the Rafting trip pictures in the Photogallery. Photos -> Trips -> Rafting Trip (Oct 2007)

– Suramya

September 28, 2007

Importing old comments into the blog.

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Am importing a lot of old comments that were ‘lost’ when I moved from Serendipity to WordPress in 2005 back into the blog. So you might see some replies to really old posts that appear to be made by you. Don’t worry its just me.

I had forgotten about this till yesterday when I was looking at a particular post and rememberd that we had a discussion on that post in the comments but now the post had no comments. So pulled up a DB dump from 2005 and am now importing it.

Better late than never 🙂

– Suramya

April 18, 2007

Blog now showing correctly in IE

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Yesterday Surabhi told me that for some reason my blog was not working in IE. Most attempts to visit the site using IE resulted in a 404/Page cannot be displayed error.

The problem was caused by a buggy plugin. Specifically the StatTraq 1.0a beta plugin. As soon as I disabled the plugin the site started showing up correctly in IE.

I really liked that plugin as it gave me some good stats about the blog. I guess I will have to either find an updated version of the plugin or find another plugin that does the same. Do any of you know/use a plugin that will give me the following stats: Number of visitors, pages visited(with popularity), Referees, Search terms used to find the site? If so let me know.

Well this is all for now. Will post more later.

– Suramya

February 27, 2007

New photogallery now live

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The beta version of the new Photogallery interface is now live. This version uses Yahoo User Interface controls to make the gallery more responsive and nicer. Check it out at: and let me know if you find any issues.

The old version of the gallery is still available over here.


Surabhi Wedding photos posted in the gallery

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Posted photographs we took during Vinit and Surabhi’s wedding. Check them out in the Photo Gallery -> Family Photos section.

Still need to add photos from the tree planting ceremony, mehendi and the reception to the gallery. Will do that in the next couple of days.

– Suramya

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