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September 20, 2023

No it is not romantic behavior to pretend to be a recruiter on LinkedIn to get a girls phone number

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If you think pretending to be a recruiter on LinkedIn to get a phone number is a reasonable way to talk to a lady then you need to get professional help ASAP. See the screenshot below that came up in one of my feeds on Mastodon (I think).

Messaging on LinkedIn as a recruiter to get phone numbers

Can folks not understand how messed up/creepy this looks? It is bad enough that people keep messaging on there as if they are on a dating site and not a professional network, but this is next level of messed up. Even worse is the real life example that Shelly shares in the screenshot where the guy actually setup/borrowed a physical office to talk to this girl.

A lot of this is due to movies and TV shows romanticizing borderline stalker behavior. Earlier this week I was watching a show where this guy liked a girl who worked at the library and this guys asks her out for dinner. The girl says no and the guy asks her out everyday for the next few months till she gives in and says yes and this was shown as a positive thing in the show because the guys father did the same thing to his mother. Actually, he was worse because he stalked her for years before she said yes for the first date… There are numerous such instances that I can quote, in fact it is bad enough to the point that some shows actually make fun of it. I remember a line for a show that I was watching where this girl told another guy to not follow the examples of romantic behavior as shown in movies to show his affection to another girl because that is creepy/stalker behavior. Then the whole Alpha male/Pickup Artists/Incel groups make it even worse as they share these tactics as a sure shot way to hook up with women.

If you thought about using these or similar techniques then please rethink as they are not as romantic as you might think they are.

– Suramya

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