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September 6, 2023

Mastering curl using an interactive text guide

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Curl is a program that has slowly percolated across the entire internet and in places where you wouldn’t believe. Folks have found it installed in inverters, it is running in outerspace etc. I mostly used to use wget earlier because my needs were quite simple and usually I just wanted to download a page or file from a website, then as I started working on more advanced use cases I found that curl was more powerful and versatile than wget, so I use curl more than wget now. (for the most part).

The curl command is extremely versatile and has over 250 commandline options, even seasoned users don’t know what all the tool can do so Daniel Stenberg who is the author of curl created a 3.5 hours long video on how to master curl. While the video is really useful and goes in depth, I personally don’t like to watch video tutorials. Instead I prefer to read text based tutorials as I read quite fast and can also search for specific stuff in a text tutorial which is not really possible in a video (at least not easily).

So, I was quite pleased to find that Anton Zhiyanov had taken the effort to create a text version of the video for future reference and as a cherry on top they even made the whole thing interactive so that you can try out the commands directly from the website and see how they would work.

Do check out the tutorial if you want to learn more about curl and how to use it more efficiently.

– Suramya

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