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December 19, 2022

IndiGo Airlines classifies powerbanks as Dangerous goods & threatens potential prosecution for carrying them on Flight

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A couple of days ago while I was checking in for my IndiGo flight, I noticed that the airline has a page for “Dangerous Goods and Restricted Articles” just like most other airlines have when doing the online check in. What was interesting over here, was the fact that the page lists “Power Banks” under this category and states that “Carrying these objects may be an offense and may result in prosecution”.

Screenshot from Indigo website taken 10th Dec 2022

This makes absolutely no sense as powerbanks are now carried by pretty much everyone and yes while they are not allowed in checked-in luggage anymore, they are still allowed in carry-on luggage. Classifying then alongside weapons and flammable liquid etc doesn’t make any sense and just gives the airline the option to potentially abuse this classification if required.

I did try reaching out to Indigo over social media about this but didn’t get any response.

– Suramya

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